The Institute for Human Optimization


The mission of the Institute for Human Optimization’s Corporate Wellness division is to empower organizations and staff with the necessary tools that will not only support their well-being but enable them to do their absolute best work. IFHO understands the challenges employers face to attract, motivate, and retain employees. The Instititute for Human Optimization was founded on values that you are unique, your care should be too.

Likewise, your organization is unique and with our expertise in wellness and human capital, we can create a unique program that will cultivate wellness, enhance individual performance, and improve employee engagement resulting in an improved and healthier workforce that generates valuable business results and organizational performance.

At Ifho, every client consultative process begins with the Ifho Organizational Wellness Map, a tool we use to define your goals, and employ a variety of our best resources and technologies to execute strategic objectives customized to your definition of success.