The Institute for Human Optimization

Our health expression is determined by many factors: the genetics that we inherit; our innate personal traits of race, age and gender; our individual behaviors; our family and community networks; our resident microbial population; and at the macro level, our economic, cultural, and environmental conditions. These factors are different for every individual and will change expression over a lifespan.

This is also true for a individual’s experience with disease and how they respond to treatment options or other medical interventions. Precision medicine intends to make medical treatment as individual as the biology of one’s disease expression.

Have you ever wondered how it would be possible to ward off disease and age gracefully?
Free from ailments and discomforts. Improve overall QUALITY OF LIFE.

Unimagined human potentials can be unlocked via functional precision medicine, focusing on nutritional and therapeutic lifestyle interventions.

At the IFHO, we employ scientific methods to carefully analyze and conduct research with individuals focused on making unprecedented advances in all facets of preventative care and therapy to cut down the troubles that come with developing disease, while improving overall quality of life.

We not only make use of the conventional medical standards of care set forth by governing bodies, but additionally, enhance these standards by exploring methods of health analysis and medical interventions to render the most efficacious preventative care.

Our traditional, functional and precision medical approach gives us the ability to explore and ascertain deep seeded biological imbalances that influence disease expression and analyze antecedents which contribute to this process to render a personalized protocols which thereby provide unique individualized preventative strategies.

Our scientific based organization features personnel with the wealth of experience in integrative, allopathic and medical research and the latest bioinformatics technologies into a single model, analyzing every individual’s genetic, lifestyle and behavioral interactions to prevent severe and long-term diseases.

We can help you to see what your health may look like in the future, and avert it in time if it’s not going to be healthy. Kindly visit us today for functional precision medicine.

Anil Bajnath, MD, MBA, MIfHI, is a seasoned Medical Doctor conventionally trained in Family and Integrative Medicine whose unwavering sense of ambition and innovation has earned him the reputation as a visionary leader in the medical space. Throughout the span of a decade, he has cultivated extensive first-hand experience in Precision, Integrative, Functional and Genomic Medicine.

Innovation Begins with a Fresh Perspective

Meet Anil Bajnath, MD, MBA, MIfHI,
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Currently, Anil proudly serves as the developer of The Institute for Human Optimization (IFHO), where he and his committed team of experts work together to attain research advances in every facet of preventative care. Ultimately, he is on a lifelong mission to improve his patient’s quality of life so they can not only get by, but thrive.

In addition to receiving his Medical Doctrine (Honors) from Ross University and completing his residency training with the University of Maryland Family and Community medicine in 2018, he holds multiple clinical certifications. Anil’s background is founded in Molecular Microbiology and Medical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Central Florida, College of medicine which has influenced his unique approach to patient care.

Additionally, he has training in Healthcare Administration leadership by obtaining his MBA which has allowed for the cultivation of various organizational projects. Furthermore, he holds a multitude of active professional memberships at esteemed medical organizations including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Ultimately, Dr. Anil Bajnath, MD is infinitely driven by his vision to vastly improve each patient’s quality of life so they can thrive without any health ailments hindering them along their life’s journey.