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Scientific Wellness

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Our Personalized Approach

“The Promise of Precision Medicine… Begins With Your Story.”


Our Human Optimization Approach
Illuminating the Network – Omics in Medicine –

“Omics” refers to the comprehensive study of human biology including “genomics” (the study of genes), “metabolomics” (the study of metabolism), “phenomics” (the study of physical traits) and “exposomics” (the study of environmental inputs).

  • Pharmacome

    (Medications & Supplements)

  • Epigenome

    (Gene Environment)

  • Chronobiome


  • Genome

    (Genes & Inheritance)

  • Microbiome

    (Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites)

  • Proteome


  • Phenome


  • Exposome




The incorporation of “-omics” into medicine has created a network of knowledge illuminating our comprehension of molecular patterns of disease processes. The Institute for Human Optimization is using this information to personalize medicine that is tailored to individual factors to optimize your health.


Individualized Wellness Mapping

Navigating the landscape of individualized health begins with engagement. Understanding the value proposition of investment into self-well-being is consequential. With the Institute for Human Optimization, every client engagement starts with the development of an Individualized Wellness Map.

Through this consultative process we define a vision, employ strategic objectives, execute skillful tactics, and establish success metrics to facilitate your specific goals customized to your definition of success. We offer on-site trainings, digital continuity platforms, live support for your organization.

Inspired by Systems Biology

At the Institute for Human Optimization we understand that treating patients as a whole person is of much more of complexity than the sum of their individual parts. Utilizing an Integrated Systems Biology approach coupled with Precision Analytical Diagnostic Tools we are able to deliver highly individualized medicine to enhance Longevity and Vitality.

Synthesizing information using genomic testing, microbiome analysis, functional biomarker assessment, and real-time device driven biometric monitoring we are all to Explore your biochemical individuality to gain a better appreciation for oneself.

The Institute for Human Optimization uses systems biology and our Philosophy of Domains to identify variation in molecular networks that influence health and wellness. Our Approach is grounded in The Institutes for Human Optimizations expertise individualized medicine and core belief in the importance of mind-body-environment connection method.

The Institute for Human Optimization is at the forefront of aggregating information in emerging fields of precision personalized preventative medicine. Our clinical scientists explore individual composition to better assess the main drivers of your current health expression. We utilize a scientific approach to the patient and assesses aspects of genomics, microbiome, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and stress management to provide the most comprehensive data-driven wellness program to optimize life.

Bio-Psycho-Social-Environmental Determinants of Health

We Use Science and Technology to monitor and track our clinical progress to objectively identify patterns which influence your health goals.


Our approach focuses on personalizing wellness from your DNA up. Starting with your genetic blue print we are able to reverse engineer your structural/functional architecture.


Body fluids are able to provide a window into what is biochemically transpiring in real time. We assess over 80+ biomarkers in your blood, urine and saliva to establish and assess your current health expression.


The Human Microbiome is a fascinating, emerging area of science and clinical research. Assessing the microbial diversity through out your body holds promise in looking at how our body’s cohabitants work in synergy with or parasitism against us.


Utilizing various health technologies to assess Diet, Activity, Mindfulness and Sleep will allow us to establish a baseline picture of your state of wellness and provide specific recommendations to optimize your lifestyle.

With this information, it becomes evident that each person’s bio-individuality codes for personalized determinants of health.

These six areas are interconnected, and imbalances in one area can lead to problems in another. For example, poor sleep can contribute to gut problems, and chronic stress can lead to hormone imbalances. By taking a comprehensive approach to care, functional medicine practitioners can help you restore balance in all areas of health.