• Biomarkers

Biomarkers are measurable substances, usually proteins encoded by DNA, which provide useful information about medical conditions or disease processes. They can help establish baseline health status and provide objective goals which can be clinically monitored and used to track your progress.

Biomarkers help to make more precise diagnoses, prescribe more effective, individualized treatments, predict disease, take preventative measures and avoid unnecessary treatment.

There are two mains ways of assessing biomarker ranges: a pathological range and a functional range.

  • The pathological range is used to diagnose disease.
  • The functional range is used to assess risk for disease before disease develops.

Typical reference ranges provided with laboratory testing results are reported in “pathological ranges” which typically reflects any number out of this range as having an underlying potential disease process. The Institute for Human Optimization uses this information to help identify and prevent specific conditions using a proactive preventative approach to laboratory medicine.

The Importance of Biomarkers


Hormones are involved with everything including the way you look, feel and energy that you have. Identifying dysregulated patterns can be the missing link in your health.

Blood Lipids

Assessing cholesterol particles helps assess heart health and hormonal influences.

Diabetic Markers

Look for early warning signs and make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to ward off disease development.

Inflammatory Markers

Chronic Inflammation is harmful to many areas of your wellness.

Electrolyte and Kidney Markers

Electrolytes are vital for your nervous system and overall cell function.

Environmental Toxins

Is your body storing harmful toxins, we test for common culprits, like mercury, lead and arsenic

Vitamins and Minerals

Are you taking supplements that you do not need or missing from your regimen

Complete Blood Count

Red and white cells are foundational to wellness. While problems are rare, they often go undetected. Identify and treat anemias and work to enhance the immune system.

Complete Metabolic Panel

We don’t overlook the basics. These standard markers help us flag problems

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids: Your balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats is important for heart health and inflammation