• Biometrics
We are Functional Medicine trained providers focused on a precision medical approach to helping patients optimize their health.

Digital health technologies and biometric-based systems or more commonly known as wearable technologies have propelled parameters in medicine. While this technology is still in its infancy, routinely used in practice are biosignals such as electrocardiography, electroencephalograms, and electromyography are now being explored to improve the efficacy of biometric systems.

With the cutting edge development of wearable technology, physicians and patients can come together with lifestyle interventions rapidly, rigorously, and seamlessly.


The Institute for Human Optimization streamlines the process of collecting biometric data through a combination of on-site, in-clinic and at-home screening options for more convenience, access and engagement. And we oversee the whole process, so you don’t have to.

We integrate biometric screening data into each patient’s health assessment automatically, saving time and helping paint a more complete picture of health. The Institute for Human Optimization Access Network makes biometric screening services available to patients and allows for direct patient behavioral monitoring. This can be used to help promote goal-oriented long-term behavioral change towards longevity.


Personalized medicine requires us to understand unique characteristics. With Biometrics, we can see with data through biometric parameters that would otherwise not be provided in a regular checkup. When answering a clinical questions physicians have had to rely on responses and not data.

In medicine, we do not currently have a consistent data stream. In addition, patients want more control over their healthcare. Consumer data is essential in precision and personalized medicine. Improved results – Patients desires for optimized health.

Why wear wearables?

Wearables provide a simplified way of understanding of how my body is responding to various stimuli, medications, stress, and quality of sleep.

Daily well-being, scientifically quantified. Devices and apps, connected.

To create better experiences and results, we provide patients with the  tools that are more than just relevant and effective. The Institute for Human Optimization’s digital health platform helps maintain and expand daily habits by charting progress and encouraging patients  to establish and beat their personal best each day. With a focus on holistic well-being, we capture daily steps toward staying active, eating better and living well from a mindfulness and resilience perspective.

Our platform makes it easy to synchronize data from popular apps and wearable devices. This includes the popular activity trackers, watches, weight scales and blood pressure cuffs, as well as data interchanges such as Apple Health.

Our platform makes it easy to synchronize data from popular apps and wearable devices. This includes the popular activity trackers, watches, weight scales and blood pressure cuffs, as well as data interchanges such as Apple Health.


The Importance of Biometrics

The CDC has called chronic disease “the public health challenge of the 21st century.”

One out of three Americans will die prematurely from a condition that’s mostly related to lifestyle, habit, or circumstance. These are conditions that pills and procedures can control but not fix, like type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Give people a multi-dimensional integrative view of their health and wellness information, thereby empowering patients to derive the necessary insights to take specific actions toward better health.

The Solution

A wellness platform that aggregates and analyzes information from multiple devices, wearables, and unique personalized data applications to create a complete picture of an individual’s personal health. With a customizable analytics dashboard, varied health categories including sleep, diet, medical adherence, mood, and activity can be displayed in the way that is most relevant to each user, allowing them to derive insights from the connections of their personal data. Through a health goal framework, the Institute for Human Optimization can facilitate individualized wellness programs while patients track their own progress towards health objectives.

Live Health Coaching

Digital = good. Live + Digital = better.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to changing health habits. People do best with an individualized approach that meets them where they are and guides them to where they need to be. We call that approach person-first. It’s a comprehensive, person-centric, behavior-based primary coach model that integrates lifestyle and condition management, delivering better experience and real results.

The small-step behavior change model found within The Institute for Human Optimization’s Patient Journey is also fully integrated into our live coaching experience. Digital and live support are completely interwoven on a single platform—making the The Institute for Human Optimization approach unique.

The Institute for Human Optimization can take the show on the road too. For many patients, our On Site Coaching option increases accessibility and creates a visible and effective presence.

Why not gain access to a bench of experts in resilience, nutrition, exercise physiology, stress psychology and even pharmacy. And why not give yourself a lift too, with a designated coaching team to ensure that your benefits and resources are featured, and that cross-referral pathways are active, driving a better return on your investment in benefits.