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With many major diseases linked to chronic inflammation, persistent inflammation is our enemy. What is the answer? It is not found in our medicine cabinet or the pharmacy. The best way to reduce inflammation can be found in our refrigerator through proper nutrition. But what is inflammation? Could you benefit from promoting an anti-inflammatory diet?  […]

Gluten-Free Diet: Any benefit? Or just a trend?

Gluten-Free (GF) is necessary for anyone with Celiac Disease. Yet more than ever, we are seeing non-celiac disease individuals opting for a GF lifestyle. With the rise of GF items at grocery stores astronomically more expensive than their non-GF counterparts, this has raised questions. Are there any benefits to a GF lifestyle? Or is avoiding […]

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FATTY ACIDS: What makes essential fatty acids essential?

As we have learned throughout the Cell Membrane Series, Omega 3 (n-3) fatty acids are important in human nutrition. Specifically, because these are essential fats that the human body cannot make on its own. N-3 fatty acids are integral structural components of the cellular membranes of tissues throughout the human body necessary from conception and […]

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CELL MEMBRANE: Where optimal health begins

What we eat applies on the cellular level directly to cell membranes. Proper nutrients provide the inputs so that our trillions of cells and cell membranes that are constantly signaling each other can properly function. Lacking these critical nutrients overwhelms our cells and their functions leaking material out of our bodies, this is also known […]

CELL MEMBRANE: Protection for the Cell

Every cell in the body is protected by a membrane. Cell membrane creates a protective barrier that shields the outside elements from the internal components of the cell, organelles. By understanding the cell membrane and what it needs, we can support our cells and cell membranes and consequently optimize our overall wellness. The cell membrane […]


The technology surrounding proteomics has evolved in recent years providing promising new directions to study for future clinical application and in the pursuit of precision medicine. Moreover, advanced proteomic technology has allowed researchers the platform to improve our understanding of biology. .  .  . What is proteomics? Proteomics refers to the study of proteomes. Proteomes […]