EPIGENETICS: The Key to Reversing Your Biological Age

Aging is a leading risk factor for multiple chronic diseases and disorders. Therefore, finding a way to slow the biological aging process is essential. Assessing your epigenetics helps us do just that. 

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Are you ready to slow down your body’s rate of aging?

I’d like to let you know about an exciting and leading-edge opportunity to harness your vitality and optimize your wellness potential.

Consider what aging means to you. Do you associate it with aching pains, wrinkled skin, and cognitive decline? Or does it make you think of boundless energy, flexibility and crystal clear memory?

I assert that the latter is possible! Your DNA is not your destiny, health is more than just the absence of disease…and most profound – aging is reversible! There is an exciting and innovative approach to harness your vitality and optimize your wellness potential.

My best-selling book, The Longevity Equation, provides a step-by-step blueprint to hack your genes, optimize your health and master the art of existence. In my book, I take an in-depth look at aging, explore what it means to extend your healthspan, and outline the pathways and factors that lead to a lifelong solution to the burdens of aging.

First, a little background

Fundamentally, aging is a cellular process. On a biological level, it can be thought of as the accumulation of cellular damage over time, which leads to impaired cellular function. This is a complex process and nine hallmarks have been established that contribute to aging as we know it. These range from genomic instability to mitochondrial dysfunction to stem cell exhaustion, all of which lead to accelerated aging and all the symptoms that go with it! I elaborate on these hallmarks in a previous blog.

Age is the number one independent risk factor for all chronic diseases. The reason for this has long puzzled researchers. However, the past decade or so has led to significant discoveries that are getting closer to providing answers. Dr. Jeffrey Bland, frequently referred to as the Father of Functional Medicine, suggests in a 2018 column in the journal, Integrative Medicine, that not only are we understanding more about the association between age and chronic disease, but that age is a modifiable risk factor of disease!

This is truly an extraordinary breakthrough!

Remember I said your DNA is not your destiny? Your genes only determine about 20-30% of human disease. They can be turned on and they can be turned off. Isn’t that fascinating? DNA provides the instructions for how your cells function biologically in your body, but epigenetics, or gene expression, determines the rest! This happens naturally to your eye and hair color as you’re developing as a fetus, and more strikingly, through your lifestyle and environment as you grow.

Your diet, physical activity, smoking, exposure to toxins, microbiome health, stress levels, hormones, inflammation – each of these factors will play a role in how your genes are expressed throughout your lifetime, and in turn, your overall health. Your lifestyle choices are the real factors that determine your longevity.

Why is this important? Because it means that YOU are in control, not your genes! YOU have the power to make life-changing, age-reversing choices that can and will prolong your lifespan and your healthspan! This will impact what we call your biological age, which is a measurement of age that is based on statistical research that can predict how healthy you are. Isn’t that exciting?

Here’s my game-changing opportunity

In collaboration with TruDiagnostic™, I have developed The Longevity Equation Epigenetic Consult. We are offering a revolutionary new way to access your health using an epigenetic test called TruAge™. This test will help tell you what your body is actually doing right now and what that means. 

TruAge™ works by using mathematical models and a powerful algorithm to measure DNA methylation-based biomarkers. Methylation is what modifies the function of the genes in the body by adding what’s called a methyl group to DNA, which is what signals genes to turn on or off. DNA methylation is the best indicator of age-related changes and is the best-studied biomarker of age. This comprehensive testing method determines your epigenetic, or biological age, and can detect the acceleration of aging before the signs of aging even begin to appear.

Remember, aging can be reversed. The Longevity Equation Epigenetic Consult is intended to give you a snapshot of your biological age, as well as the lifestyle and environmental shifts you can make right away to start adding vitality and wellness into your life. Click here to schedule your consult!

More about The Institute for Human Optimization

The Institute for Human Optimization is committed to helping you create a personalized plan for living your longest, healthiest life possible. My team and I leverage the most cutting-edge advances in genetic testing, nutritional analysis, and functional medicine to get to the root biological imbalances that cause aging.

The Institute for Human Optimization was created with the intention of pursuing a highly personalized approach to longevity medicine to help enhance healthspan. Where lifespan is the actual number of years we’re alive, healthspan is how many of those years are spent in health and wellness.

We believe that a long healthspan – not just a long lifespan – is the most important thing you can cultivate. A long healthspan means you don’t miss out on life as you get older. It means remaining independent and having the vitality to travel and see the world.  A long healthspan means that you can be there – in full body and mind – for the people who need you the most and that every day will feel like a gift.

We know that each person is truly unique. From DNA to iris, we all possess a blueprint that is genetically inherited and environmentally influenced. By gaining a deeper appreciation for the person on a molecular level and addressing the root causes driving disease, we can help promote optimized health through our unique scientific, N of 1, approach to individualized care.

The Institute for Human Optimization provides the most comprehensive, data-driven, personalized approach to wellness. It is:

·   Predictive – We use genomics and advanced biomarker testing to risk stratification and empowerment.

·   Personalized – We use data-driven health information to curate actionable change for disease mitigation and prevention.

·   Preventive – We utilize highly individualized programs tailored to your unique genomic blueprint.

·   Participatory – We empower engagement in personal choices, which allows for improved outcomes and enhanced results.

I am so excited about the possibility to support you on this cutting-edge journey to extend your lifespan AND your healthspan. Click here to schedule Your Longevity Equation Epigenetic Consult! Can’t wait to meet you!


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